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Archaeology has the potential to engage and positively impact local communities: recognition of this has led to the introduction of archaeology, and prehistory more specifically, into the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

However, many primary level teachers told us that they feel under-equipped to teach prehistory, as current resources are limited.

This project was established to take the expertise and cutting-edge prehistoric research produced by The University of Manchester, and formulate a suite of resources that would allow any Key Stage 2 teacher to produce teaching on the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age that is accurate, detailed, exciting, engaging and based on current archaeological knowledge.

The project members (Dr Nick Overton, Dr John Piprani, Dr Hannah Cobb and Dr Elizabeth Healey), working closely with other archaeologists from the University, have developed resource packs that include:

  • a digestible guide for teachers;
  • a four-page graphic novelette setting some of the key themes of the period into a narrative (produced by artist and graphic novelist Tony Pickering);
  • a collection of experimentally produced and 3D-printed replica artefacts;
  • a suite of digital resources and classroom activities designed to connect with key themes of each period identified within the period guide, the graphic novelette and the artefacts.

To request a resource pack for your school, please contact Dr Nick Overton (

Watch the video

The following video tells the story of the project led by Archaeology staff and students to bring prehistoric artefacts into the classrooms of local Primary schools.