Archaeology at Manchester is closely linked with the Manchester Museum.

The Manchester Museum offers opportunities for original research undertaken by academics and students on campus, and for engagement with the public through an exciting programme of exhibitions, events and activities.

The Archaeology Gallery showcases a selection from the Museum's 70,000-strong archaeology collection, including Roman inscriptions, ancient Greek artefacts and prehistoric artefacts.

Our collection of around 18,000 objects from ancient Egypt and Sudan is one of the most significant in Europe, and includes material from prehistoric times through to Roman, Christian and Islamic times.

The Numismatic Collection houses 70,000 coins, medals and related material, including ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine. In addition, there are north-west European Iron Age coins, and coins from Parthia, South Asia and China.

Archaeology exhibitions are a popular feature of Manchester Museum's public programme. Over the last ten years, several temporary exhibitions have been shown, including Lindow Man A Bog Body Mystery, Figurines from Koma Land Ghana, Whitworth Park: Pleasure, Play and Politics, Making Monuments on Rapa Nui, Nature Through Roman Eyes and a UK touring show, Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed.


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Outdoor Explorers

04 August 2021 - 17 August 2022

Whether you live in a city or town, countryside or seaside, you will find all sorts of nature on your doorstep. Just like the scientists and researchers who have collected and studied our museum specimens, you too can become an Outdoor Explorer. We've made some short, online films to help you get started with finding minibeasts and studying..

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